perodua : the fresh graduate

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The Perodua Effect “The Fresh Graduate” from Douglas Ho on Vimeo.

A series of promotional videos for Perodua.

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the noise of random scenes

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~ Experimental video on mirror & overlay treatment.

Nepal, a visual journal.

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An impromptu visual journal of my Nepal expedition 2014.


Background music credit :

Sainkho Namtchylak [Naked Spirit], a famous singer from Tuva who I love.




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背景音乐:惘闻[ ←M→],我所钟爱,来自大连的乐团。


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Oloiya Giving Campaing Episode 01 from Douglas Ho on Vimeo.

这长达三月的案子终于结束了,从开始策划新年品牌广告发展至后期完全搁下原先计划转投[施比受更有福]运动,期间宛如上了缓长沉重的一堂课。在[施比受更有福]短片拍摄期间,我们瞥见了善意的群众,也瞥见了部分社群的贪婪,当然,作为始作俑者,我们也得负上责任。我也一度迷惑,道理上我们理当只取所需,但事实上你的无条件给予会招来无止境的索取,或许在我们把事情以好与坏来判断,那事情就变得复杂与充数争议性了。在这一次所有短片系列当中,个人最钟爱这派送水果的短片,可能是场地背景熟悉使然吧? 希望这[施比受更有福]运动能给您在这逐渐冷去的新春带来一丝暖意,新年快乐。

* 欲了解详情或观看[施比受更有福]运动的完整短片系列与装置艺术,请按


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A journey of two, etude for two. Video took from East Coast Malaysia on last April, compiled and edited few weeks back.


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Located at Mid Valley, Komugi is a Japanese Bakery Retail Chain Outlet believes in taking time and great care in creating the finest, tasteful yet healthy breads. It’s about serving up a wholesome, authentic and unpretentious Japanese quality breads with the latest technology, and supported by a well-trained and gastronomically talented team of professional sled by an experienced Japanese Chef.

* Another promo video done with Magpie, and have had enough of breads lately, luckily they are awesome.

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