“The Proposal”

March 19th, 2010 § 12 comments

这是第一次与一班朋友稍微认真制作的影片, 制作的意愿是想探讨单反相机能否制作比录影机毫不逊色的片子. 大伙儿对于结果非常满意, 当然也有多处需要改进的地方. 希望将来能制作更多属于自己的影片.

Director : CK Lee@Chris
Art Director/Story by: Douglas Ho
Photographers: Ave Yap, Douglas Ho, Adam Lim
Talents: Carmen Lee, Ocean Tan
Ad sites: www.douglasho.com, www.aveyap.com,www.lifetalestudio.com.

§ 12 Responses to “The Proposal”"

  • Tian Chad says:

    Harlo =) good to see you are recording through D90.
    I have one D90 also but I have problem when want to record video.
    It seems like every time I will get waves/flickers when switch on the “LiveView” mode. and it will recorded into the video…

    But your video seems just okay. May I know the solution~?

    Thank first!

  • douglas says:

    Hi Tian Chad, as far I concerned, those waves / flickers thingy only will appear if u took ur video at nite, say under fluorescent light source, there r few demonstrations on preventing such flickers from net, as far as I learn it can be prevented by using aperture lock.

  • sherrina says:

    非常棒的作品,看了都很想要一个。弟! 加油!!

  • 陈家三小姐 says:



    加油 加油 加油哦~~ ↖(^ω^)↗

  • Tian Chad says:

    Ookies thank you douglas!! =)

  • huihui says:


  • 柠檬妹 says:


  • neoks says:

    very nice… only one D90 used?

  • apple says:

    i love the storyline very much. the shooting is really good too. good job ! ;D

  • yangyang says:

    wah..is a good film! Plus more post-production editing will be prefect!!!

  • 咏柔的妹妹 says:


  • douglas says:

    对, 虽然效果OK但反而没有我平时用小机拍摄那种率性.

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